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Carbon monoxide kills one, sickens 19 at Long Island, N.Y., restaurant 
A leaky flue killed manager, Steven Nelson, 55, who was overcome in the basement of the Legal Sea Food restaurant at the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington Station.

A faulty heating system is being blamed for triggering a carbon monoxide leak Saturday that killed a manager of a popular Long Island eatery and sickened 19 other people.
The Legal Sea Food restaurant at the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington Station remained closed Sunday and tables bore half-eaten meals left by diners forced to flee.
A.J. Carter, spokesman for the Town of Huntington, said a fire marshal traced the poisonous odorless gas to a leaky flue of a restaurant’s heating system.

As part of the newly adopted codes (2020 Codes) , Carbon-Monoxide detection and Alarm service is required.  Specifically, this information can be found in Section 915 of the New York Fire Code. 

While some local Fire Code Officials will be more forgiving, others may not.  Failure to comply

with the new law may result in fines or even have a building declared unsafe and vacated.  

Not a position for a building owner to be in.   

What is required?  Depends on the type of building, but all commercial buildings are

included (defined as any building other than a one or two family dwelling). 

Pretty comprehensive.   Some fire code officials have their own "favorite" items, which

will be required to pass inspection.  Blue Strobe lights come to mind in one 

local jurisdiction.   

We can assist you in answering your questions regarding the new law and how to comply and if need be, creating the needed engineered drawings and specifications to help you comply with the new law.     We provide consulting on a fee for services basis and our rates are reasonable.